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Geeky Teez

Geeky Teez has been making tees for geeks since 2008. Funny t shirts for geeky guys & girls. Vintage t shirts for the old school video gamer. Shirts for people who like sci-fi. Smart & nerdy tee shirts. You will also find tshirts for graphic designers, coders and more. Basically if you like computers, video games or sci-fi you should find a t shirt you'll like at Geeky Teez. We like to keep Geeky Teez fresh by adding new t shirt designs about once a week, so make sure to bookmark us and check back often.

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About Us

Geeky Teez has t shirts in many different sizes, colors and styles. We have mens t shirts, women's shirts & kids t shirts. Our shirts come in a variety of colors, including black, cardinal, navy, military green, red, royal blue, brown, charcoal, kelly green, yellow, gray, & white. Geeky Teez has long sleeve t shirts, sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, hoodies, ringer t-shirts, maternity shirts, tank tops, scoop neck t shirts, v-neck t shirts, sleeveless tees, fitted t shirts and more. Our most popular shirts have been our funny designs about Pi. The Pi Rate (pirate) shirt is great because it makes people take a second look and read your shirt. People also like our Pi mp design. In celebration of Pi Day we also added 2 more shirt designs, Pi Lot (pilot) & Pi Ro (Pyro). Our UNSC Spartan Special Teams t shirts have been a favorite for video gamers. Other well-received tee shirts have been Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, UNSC Sniper, Trust Me I'm a Doctor, 8 Bit Pirate, Original Gangstas & 1 up. Some of our other personal favorites are the flux capacitor t shirt, fonts 101, the esc button tee, font master, can you dig it, clones are people two tshirt, body by video games shirt, I like the way she moves tee, high scorer, old school player tshirt, frank the tank, don't be jealous because I've been chatting online with babes all day, don't push my buttons, image not available, the emperor's to do list, music pirate, bff shirt, power tools, initech tee, this is why i'm hot, mathlete tshirt, 42 & I don't wanna grow up. All of our tee shirts are pretty clean, very family friendly. You won't find any dirty t shirts, offensive tees or rude t shirts here.

If you are buying a shirt from Geeky Teez, you might want to buy 2. Here is why. We almost always have a coupon to save you $5 when you spend $50 or more. Make sure to look at the top right of this website for the coupon code. Get a shirt for a friend and one for you. If you don't see something you like here you can also visit our t-shirt shops. Detour Designables, Be Green Teez and Words on Teez.

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